Summary Timeline

Data Scientist — Billups
MSc Computer Science (Data Analytics),
Dublin Institute of Technology
Kaggle: Springleaf Marketing Response
Kaggle: Grasp-and-Lift EEG Detection TOP 25%
Kaggle: Crowdflower Search Results Relevance
Kaggle: Facebook Recruiting IV: Human or Robot?
Developed Mung - node.js / Meteor Application for Statistics and Machine Learning
Consulting — Product Design / Software Architecture, Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning
Magpie Acquired by
Machine Learning, Coursera / Stanford
Launch of Magpie - Inventory Management and Price Forecasting Application
Crowdsourcing Product Consultant -
Behavioral Economics, Coursera / Duke University
Statistics, Coursera / Princeton
Developed - Crowdsource Idea Collaboration (PHP, MySQL, JS)
Gamification, Coursera / University of Pennsylvania
Product consulting for Big data startup
Game Theory, Coursera / Stanford
Promoted, Director of Product and Program Management - Servio / CloudCrowd
Promoted, Senior Program Manager - Servio / CloudCrowd
Unix/Linux & Ruby - City College
Program Manager - Servio / CloudCrowd
Launched, Design/Manufacturing of Dragon's Egg
Developed website management systems for Bear Valley Snowmobile - PHP/MySQL
Developed & - PHP/MySQL web applications


Over the past four years, I have been developing and employing skills as a data scientist, most recently at Billups. There, I use (py)Spark extensively for scaled data pre-processing and feature engineering. I also use machine learning frameworks such as Keras and PyTorch to solve complex image classification and reinforcement learning problems.

I hold a Master's of Science in computer science, with an emphasis in data analytics. My thesis “Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Networks: Assessing the Validity of Using Technical Features for Security Forecasting” was an examination of E. Fama’s Random Walk vs the practical validity of historical data as inputs for trading machines. I continue my research into algorithmic trading and am currently examining reinforcement learning models (“policy gradient”) to create a machine capable of trading profitably.

Along with my programming and data science experience, I have a strong background in business, with experience in sales, business development, product/program management, consulting, and launching my own businesses. I also have a personal, “since-childhood” passion for the financial markets.

I approach data science tasks from a multidisciplinary perspective that balances both a technical and mathematical understanding with real-world business experience, spanning multiple domains.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks / Support Vector Machines, Data Science, Genetic Algorithms, Security Price Forecasting

Thesis Topic: Security Forecasting Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

Key Expertise

  • Machine Learning
  • Database Design
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • Product Management, UI/UX
  • Program & Project Management
  • Public Speaking

Language and Platform Skills

85% Python
75% PHP
30% Java
75% R
75% MySQL
85% Postgres
55% MongoDB
70% Oracle DB
25% C / C++
35% Scala
40% Linux
20% Octave
60% Javascript
20% D3
15% SPSS
55% Tableau
50% Hadoop
85% Spark
85% Pandas
Professional Expert

Job History

Billups Portland, Oregon • September 2016 – Present

Data Scientist

As the data scientist at Billups, I have completed numerous visual, analytic and predictive projects. We use (py)Spark, PyTorch and Keras as our primary tools for data processing and predictive analytics. Example projects include

  • Statistical analysis and visualization of audience dispersal in US areas (CBSA//Blockgroups, geohash, S2Sphere)
  • Predictive prices for billboards and other out-of-home (OOH) media (RFR)
  • Estimated percentage of OOH visible from all US intersections
  • Created image recognition models (C-NN and Policy Gradient)
  • Used cellphone GPS traces for consumer segmentation and predictive route analysis (Node2Vec, GRU and LSTM)

TBD Labs San Francisco / St. Louis / Dublin • September 2012 – Present

Founder, Principal

Product incubator and consulting firm started to help clients with product and process needs, focusing on Big Data, Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing.

  • Provided crowdsourcing product and workforce consulting to tier-one, VC-backed (now, OneSpace)
  • Technology and implementation consulting to Malaysian government (MDeC) for nation-wide crowdsourcing and labor initiative
  • UI/UX consulting with a San Francisco-based stealth big data startup
  • Operations and process consulting with VidCaster, a VC-backed automated video marketing startup
  • Current: Software architecture and UI/UX consulting for integrated machine learning and crowdsourcing applications for AHT Group
  • Current: On-going research into algorithmic trading for financial securities

Magpie (Acquired by San Francisco • June 2012 – May 2015

Founder, CEO

SaaS application wtih focus on predictive analytics and price forecasting for collectibles market, primarily servicing the US market.

  • Design of UI/UX to support inventory management processes for small retailers across the US and Canada
  • Architecture and feature engineering for collectivel price forecasting
  • UI/UX designs for mobile access, supporting ecommerce
  • Negotiated acquisition by - one of the most profitable collectible trading card sites with millions of daily transactions.

Servio (acquired by San Francisco • October 2009 – August 2012

Director of Program Management (2012)
Senior Product & Program Manager (2011)
Program Manager (2009 – 2010)

As a member of Servio's management team, I contributed to the strategic growth and direction of the company. My day-to-day responsibilities included ownership of our crowdsourcing software design, roadmaps and the prioritization of development activities. Also a key facilitator for major account wins including Staples, Walmart, Groupon, Walgreens & Target.

  • Rapid advancement due to extraordinary ability to conceptualize and execute company vision
  • Executive contributor to strategic and tactical priorities
  • Program management of all company engineering efforts
  • Designed highly scalable crowdsourcing applications and workflows
  • Contributed to business development and sales as primary sales engineer for key accounts
  • Coordinated and planned product launches
  • Recruitment, Curation and Community Manager for online crowd of editors, writers and translators across seven languages
  • Long-term coordination of multiple teams, including engineering, operations, marketing & sales
  • Evangelized company via sales, tradeshows & public speaking
  • Extensive use of MySQL and custom queries for data analytics & reporting

Power9Pro San Francisco • August 2008 – February 2015

Founder, Product Lead & Business Development

Taking my passion and enthusiasm for Magic: the Gathering, I created Power9Pro to create products and services that further enrich the experience of playing Magic.

  • Designed and produced all of Power9Pro's products and services
  • Consistent track record of finding "Product-Market Fit"
  • Built revenue channels with over 100 retailers across the US, Canada & Australia
  • Organized and managed evangelists, bloggers, and video content providers

J & C Group San Francisco • August 2007 – March 2015

Founder, Sales & Project Lead

I forged long-term relationships with small outdoor activities businesses that provided ample opportunities to help develop coding experience.

  • Built client specified web-applications for site management using LAMP stack
  • Coordinated project timelines and development for website implementations
  • Developed custom modifications to open-source business management systems
  • Built WordPress Plugin for managing blog post activity

Certain Software San Francisco • April 2007 – May 2008

Sales Representative

Enterprise sales representative for Southeast territory.

  • Developed client base in South East Territory (Prospecting to Close)
  • Fostered client loyalty and relationships, resulting in upsells and expanded client revenue
  • Led internal charge for numerous software improvements
  • Recruited by EVP of Sales & Marketing, my client at Meltwater Group

Meltwater Group Mountain View, CA • June 2006 – April 2007

Key Account Manager

Enterprise sales representative for online media monitoring.

  • Opened key accounts for new US, including hotel, food and beverages verticals
  • Thrived in high-paced startup and negotiated with executives for new business
  • Lead US market introduction to a new product due to sales success with Meltwater News

Insurance Agent Flagstaff, AZ • October 2003 – June 2006

Insurance and Financial Services
  • Sold more life policies than any other producer in region
  • Opened and managed a staffed call-center for scheduling appointments for four producers

Berlitz Language School Erfurt, Germany • August 2002 – July 2003

English Instructor

Instructed business professionals in English.

  • Placed with high-profile, business clients due to effective instruction methods
  • Managed course planning, student evaluations and instruction of classes


Degree Graduation Year GPA
MSc in Computer Science, Dublin Institute of Technology 2016 Honors
B.A. Philosophy and Chinese, Trinity University 2002 3.10